A group of teachers recently asked me about the NAEP and whether there are released questions available. I began by searching “NAEP Framework” and came across several resources provided by NAEP. Most of them have sample questions available and others simply lay out the framework of the test. Before you begin working on helping your students do well on the NAEP test I feel I need to give a few words of caution. First, the NAEP is not required for all students nor all districts (unless you receive Title I funds). I can see some benefit in preparing students for this test but I would be cautious about the amount of time spent on it. Second, preparing students to take standardized tests is important. Taking standardized tests is becoming a science. However, keep in mind that any time you spend preparing students on how to take a test takes time away from┬áteaching students what will be on the test. Having said that here are the resources:

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