Online Education

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More and more school districts and universities are turning to online education. There are many critics and many supporters. What do you think? I recently read an article that helped shed some light on the matter. A link to the article is here. Leave a comment.


Online Algebra Course

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This article highlights a study performed on the east coast in rural districts. The research was meant to find the benefits of middle school students taking an online Algebra course in 8th grade.

7 Reasons To Leverage Social Networking Tools in the Classroom

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Check out this article about using social networking sites to increase communication in your classroom. Try it some time and see how students respond.

The Flipped Classroom

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You may have heard about the “flipped” classroom. This instructional strategy requires students to think for themselves. Students learn the lesson at home using some sort of well-developed, guided lesson that is typically electronic (podcast, vodcast, video, etc.). Students then bring questions and concerns to the classroom for classmates or the teacher to answer. The strategy provides teachers with the entire class time to dig deep into a content statement with students. Check out two teachers that are doing this in Colorado ( and a high school in Detroit that has implemented this strategy schoolwide ( This strategy is great to help teach content to greater depths of understanding as required by the CCSS. Like any teaching strategy though this is not meant to be used for every lesson, every day. This is just one more method of presenting information to students in a way that will keep them interested.

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