Online Education

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More and more school districts and universities are turning to online education. There are many critics and many supporters. What do you think? I recently read an article that helped shed some light on the matter. A link to the article is here. Leave a comment.


Gulp: You Want Me to Use Technology?

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Using technology in the classroom is scary, unpredictable at times, and down right nerve-racking to some people. Students have the ability to run technological circles the size of Jupiter around us. These two ideas come together in each of our classrooms every day. Meeting students, the digital natives as it were, needs technologically is very difficult for us to figure out. However, that does not mean we have the right to say that this technology has no place in our schools or even say that it is harmful. Though it is likely our society will never be the same because of social networking and online media it is safe to say that society would never be the same at any stage in history. Using the latest and greatest technology is as important as using the latest and greatest teaching styles. Math, Language, History, and any other subject taught in school rarely changes. But the way in which students learn best has changed. That is the primary focus of the new standards. Take some time to find a new way to present the same content using technology. Also, take a moment to read this article about using a few pieces of technology in your next unit of study. I think you will find some of the data surprising.

7 Reasons To Leverage Social Networking Tools in the Classroom

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Check out this article about using social networking sites to increase communication in your classroom. Try it some time and see how students respond.

Using Twitter in the Classroom

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There have been thousands of articles about using twitter in the classroom. Emerging EdTech has put together a list of ways to make twitter useful in the classroom. If you would like to take a look at how this article click the following link. Begin to think about how you can link students’ desire to share information through social media and your classroom. They will love it.

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